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Products: Gearmotors and Speed Reducers


 Speed Reducers provide efficient, positive transmission of power for low speed, high torque requirements. Gear drives reduce the output speed and increase the torque from an electronic motor or engine to the level required to drive a particular piece of equipment. Enclosed gear drives are self-contained, quiet, clean and compact for small space requirements with close shaft centers. They provide long life, low maintenance, and are easily adaptable to a wide range of mounting positions, shaft arrangements, and applications.


Boston Gear Helical Worm Gear Drive

Falk ShaftMount Drive

Foote-Jones concentric speed reducer

Boston Gear

Electra-Gear Falk Foote-Jones
Link Belt Right Angle Parallel Rexnord PlanetGear Sumitomo Cyclo Drive Peerless-Winsmith Right Angle Worm Drive
Link-Belt Rexnord Sumitomo Winsmith

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