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Rexnord Industries provides high-quality, reliable and rugged bearing, coupling, drive chain and gear drive products. Rexnord Industries, designs, manufactures, markets and services specified, highly engineered mechanical components used within complex systems where reliability requirements and the cost of failure or downtime is extremely high. 

 Rexnord  products include brands such as Falk, Steelflex, Lifelign, Freedom Disc, Torus, True Torque, Link-Belt, Addax, Autogard, Marbett,  MCC, Omega Coupling, Thomas Coupling, and Tollock. Rexnord products prevent equipment downtime, increase productivity and deliver dependable operation.

Rexnord\\\'s commitment to customer satisfaction and superior value extends to every area of their business, delivering the lowest total cost of ownership to their customers

Today, the merger of Regal Beloit and the Rexnord Process & Motion Control (PMC) business is now complete. We are excited to introduce to you the new, combined company, Regal Rexnord, and share some more about their capabilities.

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